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The first Genesis Plot is free and given to all players.
In Pocket Forest, each plot of land has a productivity level that depends on the number of trees and decorations it contains. To maximize their harvest, players need to take care of their plots and manage these elements carefully.
Planting trees is an essential part of the game, but it's important to be strategic about the types and quantity of trees you plant. Too many trees on one plot can actually decrease its productivity, so it's important to balance the number and types of trees to optimize your productivity. Decorations, on the other hand, can increase the productivity of your plot. Players can use decorations to beautify their plots while also boosting their productivity.
In addition to managing the trees and decorations, players also need to consider the fertility of their soil. Fertile soil is key to maintaining high productivity, and players can use fertilizers and other means to keep their soil healthy and productive.
To be successful in Pocket Forest, players must pay attention to all of these factors and constantly optimize their plots to maximize their productivity. With the right strategy, players can harvest more resources and rise to the top of the leaderboards. So get out there, plant some trees, and show off your green thumb!

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