Base concepts

Grow and maintain the healthiest, most beautiful forest in all of virtual time and space through our newly designed series of in-game resources and tools.

Maintain your forest through daily interactions in the app.

Every healthy forest needs a bit of maintenance and yours is no different. Come back every day to keep your trees watered and fed and to keep those pesky weeds under control.

We will also give you the tools you need to add personality and flair to your forest.

Several more decorations will be available in-game so that your forest can be exactly what you want it to be. Can’t find all the decorations you want? Visit our shop for a rotating selection of the latest things to add.

But what good is a beautiful forest if no one sees it?

Never fear, my budding botonist!

You can add your friends and encourage them to visit and like your plot for bonuses that you can each use to make your forests even cooler.

Do you have a competitive streak? That’s okay, so do we!

If you think your fully decorated plot deserves some recognition, enter one of our contests where our community will vote on their favorites for a chance to win rare seeds and decorative items that can only be acquired through contest placement.

Be the champion you always knew you were and win new items that will keep you at the top of the leaderboard.

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