Harvest and Rewards

You've just learned how to take care of your plot and now it's time to reap the fruits of your labor! Let us review together the reward system and make the most of it.

Game Reward Pools

Game Rewards distribution originates from the Global Reward Pool. This pool is exclusively locked for game rewards and is provisioned in advance. Pocket Forest is all about commitment and community. This Global Reward Pool is the key indicator of our success as a community.

From this Global Reward Pool will be created Daily Pools. Every day, 1/30th of the Global Reward Pool will be transferred to a newly created Daily Pool. You'll have 3 days to withdraw your share of that Daily Pool, after which the remaining funds will be transferred back to the Global Reward Pool and the Daily Pool closed.

Your share of the Daily Pool will be calculated based on your Player Reward Weight at the creation time of the pool.

Player Reward Weight

Every player has a share in the rewards of Pocket Forest. This share is tracked by the player's weight. When buying a reward-bearing item (trees and decorations), the item adds a predefined weight to your total weight. The rarer the item is, the greater its weight will be.

So, it's important to keep track of the growth of your trees and make sure you're harvesting regularly to maximize your game-reward.

This weight defines the maximum share you can claim in the Daily Pools. However, multiple factors can affect the effective weight when claiming your rewards, such as the maturation state of your tree or the housing plot's health.

Maturation state

Your tree maturation states will have an impact on your daily effective weight applied to each of your trees.

  • A Seed will have 0% of its weight applied to the daily effective player's weight.

  • A Sapling will have 25% of its weight applied.

  • A Young Tree will have 75% of its weight applied.

  • A Mature Tree will have 100% of its weight applied.

Plot health

The overall plot health at the creation time of the Daily Pool will condition the effective weight applied to withdraw your rewards.

  • From 0% to 50%, the effective weight will be factored linearly from 0% to 100%, depending on the actual plot health.

  • From 50% to 80%, rejoice: you're enjoying 100% of your shares!

  • From 80% to 100%, you're granted a gradual 25% bonus on your rewards. Aim for the sky and maintain your plot health at 100% to get the full bonus, yielding 125% of your initial shares!

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