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Game Story

Your favourite Tree-magotchi combining GameFi and Ecological matters.
Welcome to the magical world of "Pocket Forest", a blockchain-based game that allows you to create and nurture your very own virtual ecosystem.
In this enchanting world, you can design your own plot of land, choose the trees and plants you want to grow, care for them, and even sell or trade them with other players.
In "Pocket Forest", every player is a botanist with the mission of growing the rarest and most beautiful trees in the forest.
To achieve this goal, you can crossbreed different trees to enlarge your plots, or trade with other players to obtain rare and special tree seeds.
Every decision you make about cultivation and care will have an impact on the development of your ecosystem and the desirability of your NFTs. You'll need to be patient and persistent to grow healthy trees and care for them until they reach full maturity.
And if you need help, don't forget that you can connect with other players and exchange tips and tricks. Join the community of botanists and unleash your imagination to grow the most beautiful trees and plants of the forest!