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Ecological Support

Association Partnership
We currently have one Partnership With OneTreePlanted and we are currently searching for more to develop more our positive impact. We already planted 5000 trees through this partnership.
Future Ecological DAO
At Pocket Forest, we want to have a positive and sustaining impact on our planet. Since our founding, a portion of all revenue has been donated to global reforestation efforts. As we take the next step in our game development, we have also been thinking about the next step in our environmental stewardship.
We believe that the Pocket Forest Ecological DAO is that next step. There is impactful research and preservation happening around the world. Our players also live and work in communities around the world. It seems a natural evolution to empower our players to direct the economic impact of our environmental work to qualifying organizations in their own communities. Rather than donating to an international conservation fund, we think the aggregate impact of community directed giving will be greater and more personal to our players.
Players who wish to join the DAO will purchase an annual membership NFT from Pocket Forest. This will empower its holder to recommend environmental organizations for qualification and to vote, in proportion to their membership level, on the quarterly recipient of distributed funds.
DAO membership will also grant priority access to members of the project team and the ability to suggest upgrades and improvements for future releases of the mobile game and guarantee that they will be considered and discussed by the team.
At the moment, there is no launch date for this DAO. It is included here as a statement of intention and a disclosure of part of our vision for the future of the project. It is our hope that additional planning for the DAO will happen in 2023 so that it can be officially launched in 2024.