Customization system

Plot Customization

Players can personalize their plots. This allows them to add a unique touch to their plots, increase their popularity, attract more attention, and ultimately, create more trading opportunities.

To help players with decorating their plots, each plot is divided into a grid system with 5x5 tiles. One tile is needed to plant a tree, and players are able to retrieve their decorative assets back into their inventory if needed.

The use of customization tools is free, but decorative assets will have a cost in $PF.

Tree customization

(Available in a future edition - see Roadmap for details)

In an upcoming version, you'll be able to add additional fun decorations to your trees to make them stand out even more. Here's what you'll be able to do:

  1. Tinsels: You can wrap your trees in different colored lights to give them a festive look.

  2. Ground decorations: You can place items like pumpkins, dwarves, crystals, and flowers at the base of your trees. And, depending on the time of year, you can even theme your decorations to fit the season.

  3. Post effects: Add some extra flair to your trees with special effects like god rays, particles, and butterflies.

Each tree can have up to 4 decorations: 1 Tinsel, 2 Ground decorations, and 1 Post effect. So get creative and make your trees the most beautiful in the forest!

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