Healthcare System

Every healthy forest needs a bit of maintenance and yours is no different. Come back every day to keep your trees watered and fed and to keep those pesky weeds under control.

Healthcare basics

Taking care of your trees is done through the plot as a whole. Your plot's health gauge is the average of three sub-gauges: the water gauge, the soil gauge, and the weed gauge. Each has its own dynamics and it will be covered in the next sections. Only the total plot health gauge will impact the rewards of your plot's trees.

What is a gauge?

All three gauges are just classical health bars, with a current value a maximum capacity, and a decay rate. Their capacity and decay rate depends on the number of trees in the plot and the species of the trees, with the exception of the weed gauge which has a fixed capacity and decay rate no matter what.

Tree species have water and soil health units. When added to a plot, a tree will add these water and soil health units to their respective gauge total capacity. The current health ratio will be conserved.

Let's try to picture this by example. We'll consider a Plot containing 2 Oaks and 1 Cherry. For the sake of example, we say that a Cherry allocates 1.5 Water Units / 0.75 Soil Units, and an Oak allocates 1 Water Unit / 1.5 Soil Units.

Here, the plot has:

  • A Water Gauge capacity of (2 x 1 Water Units) + (1 x 1.5 Water Units) = 3.5 Water Units

  • A Soil Gauge capacity of (2 x 1.5 Soil Units) + (1 x 0.75 Soil Units) = 3.75 Soil Units

  • A Weed Gauge capacity of 1 Weed Unit (fixed)

Let's say the plot has 45% water health (1.575 Water Units), 80% soil health (3 Soil Units), and 75% weed health (0.75 Weed Units), for an overall plot health of 66%. If you decide to plant a new Oak, the Water, and Soil Health gauges will be extended to account for additional capacity, while preserving the existing health ratios. Hence:

  • The new Water Gauge will be 2.025 Water Units out of (3.5 + 1) = 4.5 Water Units (45%)

  • The new Soil Gauge will be 4.2 Soil Units out of (3.75 + 1.5) = 5.25 Soil Units (80%)

  • The new Weed Gauge will still be 0.75 Weed Units out of 1 Weed Unit (75%)

  • The overall Plot's Health remains at 66%


Taking care of your trees and keeping them hydrated is a crucial part of the game, and it's up to you to give them what they need every day.

But be careful! If you forget to water your trees for too long, the water bar will drop, and your trees won't be as productive. If you want to keep your trees healthy, you can give them more water.

  • 25%

  • 50%

  • 75%

Soil fertility

Each plot has a limited amount of space to plant trees. As they live, they deplete the soil of its nutrients, and your plot productivity will suffer from it. But don't worry, you can give your soil a new youth with fertilizers!

You can purchase different fertilizer bags from the app, each with its own capacity.

So keep your soil healthy and your trees growing by using fertilizer and being mindful of the number of trees in your plot.

Weed removal

With time, weeds will grow around your trees.

That's why it's important to keep track of how many trees you have and consider either choosing a bigger plot or buying new ones.

Removing weed is completely free, and there's no limit to how many times you can do it. But if you forget to take care of them, weeds will multiply fast - in fact, the amount of weeds will double every day!

As simple as weed care is, it's still essential for your Plot's health. Don't miss out on your gardening duties!

Gardening Strategies

Beware of crowded plots!

Trees are living creatures and need personal space. If you pack too much of them in a single plot, you'll see the decay rate of your gauges increasing more than expected. You'll end up spending too much on healthcare and your trees will suffer from that. It's up to you to fine-tune your plot occupation so you can find the perfect balance between healthcare effort and reward yield. Trust your experience and your botanist green thumb!

If you need more space, you can still buy new plots! Offer your trees what they deserve best.

Time your healthcare

As you'll see in the next section, the health of your plot is the main factor on which the rewards of your trees will depend. All of the gauges have their own decay rate, therefore evolving differently. Keep an eye on your plot, make sure all of them are constantly at the healthiest level possible, and you'll be granted extra rewards for your commitment!

Happy gardening!

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