Breeding system

You can mix the sap from two trees to get Mystery Seeds. The seeds have a chance to generate specific trees based on odds that depend on the identity and rarity of the parent trees.

When breeding, the parent trees don't transmit any specific traits, but they can pass on their species and odds of getting particular rarities of trees.

For example, if you breed an Epic Maple and a Basic Oak, the trees have a 50-50 chance to become dominant and pass their species to the seed.

If the Maple becomes dominant, it will give bonuses and penalties to the odds of getting an Epic, Very Rare, or Legendary tree, and reduce the chances of getting a Rare or Basic Maple variant.

The odds of getting a specific tree will be the same for each breeding. To breed trees, you must take several factors into account: the species of the parent trees, with a 50-50 chance of getting the species of either parent (the "dominant" parent); and the rarity of the dominant parent, which will affect the odds of getting a specific rarity of child tree.

After breeding, the tree must go through a cooldown period before it can breed again.

The cooldown period depends on the rarity and number of breedings of the tree. You can put your trees up for breeding on the market, but keep in mind that you'll have to set a breeding price for anyone who wants to use your tree to breed a new seed.

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