Tokenomics (will be more detailed very soon)

The tokenomics are not definitive and can be modified before the token released.


Pocket Forest will issue a fixed supply of 100,000,000 $PF tokens.

We decided to use a single token design as we believe that governance should belong to the players of the game.

Moreover, the value of the $PF ecosystem will only accrue to a single token, eliminating the possibility of community and project division.

All rewards will be distributed from the $PF Game Rewards Pool with a well-balanced mechanism to ensure in-game sustainability and deflationary dynamics

Tokenomic metrics

  • Market Cap : $500,000

  • Launch Price : $0.01

Token Allocation

Private Sale : 35%

Public Sale : 25%

Game Rewards : 15%

Marketing : 10%

Team & Advisors : 10%

Liquidity : 5%


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